• Staff Ride

    Senior leaders from the Mississippi Army and Air National Guard view a battery of howitzers used during the American Revolutionary War as part of their Staff Ride to the Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown, VA. Dr. Isaac Hampton II, the Quartermaster Historian, assisted in leading this event (8 September 2018). (Photo taken by SPC Jarvis Mace, U.S. Army National Guard)

  • 23rd BDE Convey

    In preparation for Hurricane Florence, 23rd Quartermaster Brigade conducted a 20-mile vehicle road march to validate its ability to provide Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA). Deployable within 4 hours of notification, the brigade would assist in disaster relief by providing both water purification and distribution, as well as bulk fuel and general supply deliveries (14 September 2018).

  • 244th QM BN

    To assist those seeking refuge from the potential destruction of Hurricane Florence, Soldiers from Golf Company, 244th Quartermaster Battalion, transported and set up cots and bedding for a 500-person FEMA organized emergency shelter located on Fort Lee, VA (12 September 2018).

  • ERP Cell Training Developers

    G3/5/7 ERP Cell Training Developers introduce the education environment(Eenv) for Unit Supply, Property Book, and Plant Maintenance GCSS-Army business areas at the ARNG Professional Education Center (PEC), Camp Robinson, AR. Here, CW3 Marte provides an overview for the deploy/re-deploy lesson plan of the Property Book Managers Course (4-12 September 2018).

  • Joint QM BOLC/NCOA run

    CSM Rice, the Quartermaster CSM, addresses Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) and Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCO) students following a Joint QM BOLC/NCOA run at Fort Lee, VA (29 August 2018).

  • Exit an aircraft above Blackstone Army Airfield

    BG McBride observes as CW5 Frazier and SSG Davenport exit an aircraft above Blackstone Army Airfield, Fort Pickett, VA, while conducting Military Freefall operations (23 August 2018).

  • Briefing from ADFSD personnel on equipment

    MG Vladimer Chachibaia, Chief of Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, and CSM Koba Tsirekidze, Sergeant Major of the Georgian Armed Forces, received a briefing from ADFSD personnel on equipment and training during their visit to Fort Lee, VA (24 August 2018).

  • 92W AIT Soldiers

    92W AIT Soldiers emplace a hose in the Appomattox River (near Fort Lee, VA) as they set up the Lightweight Water Purifier (LWP) during training. During Large Scale Combat Operations, Army units will not be able to rely on contractor support and will need to purify their own water to sustain operations (22 August 2018).