• RA-1 Parachute Training

    From 10 September -1 October 2018, SSG Albano and SSG Davenport, ADFSD instructors, conducted RA-1 Parachute Training at the request of Bulgarian Special Forces in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A total of 16 Bulgarian Military personnel from their Special Forces, Navy, and Air Force were certified on the RA-1 (12 October 2018).

  • Sling Load Inspector Certification Course

    SPC Wallace and SPC Acevedo of the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Lewis, WA, hook-up an A-22 Cargo Bag while supervised by SFC Manship of the Aerial Delivery and Field Service Department. The Sling Load Inspector Certification Course Mobile Training Team (SLICC MTT 725-18), trained and certified 51 students on how to inspect secondary loads for Army Aircraft, assume guidance and direct aviation assets, and move external loads across the battlefield (4 October 2018).

  • fight fuel fires

    AIT Soldiers learn how to safely fight fuel fires at PWD's newly upgraded Fire Suppression Training Facility (FSTF) at Fort Lee, VA. Using a sodium bicarbonate mixture to extinguish the flames, these Soldiers safely and efficiently demonstrated their ability to be ready on day one for any situation (4 October 2018).

  • AIT Student, provides

    PV1 Pearsall, a 92W (Water Treatment Specialist) AIT Student, provides security while his class operates the Lightweight Water Purifier nearby during the Quartermaster Field Training Exercise at Fort Lee, VA (4 October 2018).

  • BG McBride addresses Soldiers

    BG McBride, the 55th Quartermaster General, addresses Soldiers of the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade following an Esprit de Corps Run at Fort Lee, VA. His speech to the Soldiers focused on being "Ready Day One" upon arrival to their first unit of assignment (4 October 2018).

  • Joint Precision Aerial
Delivery System

    1st TSC Riggers deployed to CENTCOM conducted a Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS) at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. JPADS is a high altitude,long range GPS guided airdrop platform capable of accurately delivering up to 2,200 lbs. of cargo to an intended target. 1st TSC validated their ability to provide Warfighter air drop support by landing the bundles within 3 meters of target from an altitude of 10,000 ft. (24 September 2018).

  • Quartermaster On-site

    BG McBride, the 55th Quartermaster General, discusses his 90-day assessment and enduring priorities with Quartermaster School Directors and 23rd Quartermaster Brigade Leaders during the Quartermaster On-site at Fort Lee, VA (24 September 2018).

  • Stabilization training

    CPT White, an Aerial Delivery and Materiel Officer Course (ADMOC) Instructor, receives stabilization training from SFC Diaz at the Special Operations Test Directorate in Raeford, NC. The training helps Military Free Fall jumpers understand how to control their body during Free Fall Airborne Operations (21 September 2018).

  • Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence

    1SG Nunez, SFC (P) Warner, and 1SG McFadden, MOS 92F, attend the United States Air Force Senior NCOA at Maxwell AFB, AL. Selected by the U.S Army Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOLCoE), they are the first active duty NCOs to attend this sister service course in over 17 years (21 September 2018).