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Aerial Delivery & Field Services Department (ADFSD)


The Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department (ADFSD) is one of five major training departments at the US Army Quartermaster School, Fort Gregg-Adams, VA. The ADFSD conducts initial entry training (IET) for two of the Army's military occupational specialties (MOSs): the Parachute Rigger (MOS 92R) and the Shower and Laundry Specialist (SLS) - (MOS 92S). Along with the two MOS-producing courses, the ADFSD also is the proponent for the Sling Load Inspector Certification Course and numerous functional area courses.

The Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department develops the training and much of the doctrine required to educate the Warfighter Logistician to provide field shower and field laundry services to the force.


In addition to conducting IET for the 92R and 92S MOSs, the ADFSD performs many other training functions. The Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department trains officer and enlisted personnel from all branches of the armed services, allied nations and civilians as:

  • Parachute Riggers
  • Airdrop and Sling Load Inspectors
  • Shower and Laundry Specialists

Additionally, the ADFSD develops doctrine, airdrop rigging and sling load manuals, resident and non-resident training support materials and performs proponency functions related to aerial delivery and field services area.

Command Structure

ADFSD Command Structure
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