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Joint Mortuary Affairs Center



Trains, educates, and develops adaptive Mortuary Affairs (MA) professionals;
develops Army and select Joint MA doctrine in support of unified land
operations. On behalf of HQDA G4, JMAC executes Army responsibilities supporting the DoD MA Enterprise ensuring continuous, sustainable and global MA support.


The Quartermaster Corps has been responsible for the care of the dead since the Civil War, This mission, which used to be known as “Graves Registration”, has evolved to include not only the search and recovery of remains on the battlefield, but to respond to any mass fatality situation. Army Mortuary Affairs Specialists have deployed around the world to assist in such places as Bosnia, Somalia, Croatia, the Middle East, Oklahoma City, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina and most recently supported the Earthquake efforts in Haiti to recover American Citizens (AMCITS).

Presenting of the Flag

Identification of remains is an important responsibility, a process that has been perfected to the point that even remains that are discovered many years later, can often be identified. Burial of the dead, at one time a Quartermaster Corps responsibility, is conducted with honors befitting a fallen soldier. National cemeteries were first established in 1862 and now number over 100. Military cemeteries located overseas are maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission and contain the American dead from World Wars I and II. Today, the Army's Mortuary Affairs Specialists are trained at the Quartermaster School at Ft. Lee. The 54th and 111th Quartermaster Companies, the Army's only active Mortuary Affairs units, deploy from Ft. Lee when called.

This duty to the fallen is owed on behalf of the Army and the Nation to the soldier, their comrades, and their family. It is a duty performed sadly but willingly.

Points of Contacts

Contact JMAC for all Current Mortuary Affairs Operations, Training Development, Equipment and Initiative inquiries.

Joint Mortuary Affairs Center (JMAC)
1840 Quartermaster Road
Bldg, 7143
Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801

    JMAC Email

  • Director

  • COMM: (804) 734-5381
  • DSN: 687-5381
  • FAX: 687-4758 (DSN)
  • Executive Officer

  • COMM: (804) 734-3831
  • DSN: 687-3831
  • Sergeant Major

  • COMM: (804) 734-4673
  • DSN: 687-4673
  • Director: Training & Development

  • COMM: (804) 734-3674
  • DSN: 687-3674

Information for Veteran Family Members

The attached word document (button below) provides family members of veterans with agencies/resources available that can assist in providing information related to: past conflicts, research of case files, request for military service records, veteran's benefits, burials, memorials, monuments and commemoration, identification procedures for past conflicts as well as National Cemeteries.

Additional assistance and related organizational links for services and information may be provided at the individual agency websites.

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