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Collapsible Fabric Fuel Tanks

BPLD - Course Descriptions / Schedules

Basic Petroleum Course

Course Description:

Our course consists of ten weeks and three days of extensive hands-on training (75%) on U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps petroleum-related equipment. Within this curriculum, we train over 6,000 Soldiers, Marines and international students annually.

The students are administered extensive classroom and hands-on exposure to the equipment they will be operating at their permanent duty stations. This provides the students with the experience, knowledge, and confidence in their abilities for the day-to-day operations they will face upon graduation. We are transitioning our current Learning environment to the Army’s Learning Model which provides Soldiers and leaders with more relevant, tailored, and engaging learning experiences through a career long continuum of learning that is not location-dependent, but accessed at the point of need. When the transition is complete, Soldiers will participate in a learner-centric blended learning course that uses digital training enablers, interactive multimedia instruction, and facilitators to optimize the training.

The subjects are covered in both classroom and field training environment and include the following areas: Petroleum Supply Operations, Environmental Stewardship, Safety, Health Hazards, Fire Fighting and First Aid, Quality Surveillance, Accountability, Aviation Refueling Operations, Fuel System Supply Point Equipment and Operations, Petroleum Pipeline Equipment and Maintenance, Sling Load Operations, Tank Vehicle Operations, Refuel on the Move (ROM), Railcar Operations, Waterfront Operations, and an Introduction to Marine Corps Bulk Fuel System.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Chief, Basic Petroleum Logistics Division
DSN: 687-2706
COMM: (804) 734-2706

NCOIC, Basic Petroleum Logistics Division
DSN: 687-2792
COMM: (804) 734-2792


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