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Credentialing Program

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The United States Army Quartermaster Corps “Credentialing Program” is part of the “Military Life-Cycle Model” which encourages Soldiers to capitalize on “Army Funded” Training and Development opportunities.


Credentialing bridges the gap between civilian work experience and Army work experience by providing “Industry Standard” certifications to our service members. It is a “People First” initiative that is used to develop talent for the Army while simultaneously providing Veterans with the technical skills for successful job placement after they leave the Army. For Fiscal Year 2022, the Army invested $534,000 dollars into Quartermaster credentialing and 1,310 Soldiers have received certifications.

The Credentialing Program:

  • Produces Soldiers with “Industry Standard” certifications; increasing knowledge and skills within the force
  • Increases recruiting and retention by maintaining a technically trained work force
  • Improves capabilities and readiness of the force
  • Validates the quality of military training and work experiences while bolstering technical competence
  • Ability to cross-utilize Soldiers
  • Enhances military career progression and unit capabilities
  • Enables Soldiers and the Army to keep pace with ever changing industry practices


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Army Credentialing Opportunities Online

Army COOL Banner


COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Army Service Members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs. USE COOL to get background information on credentialing and find detailed information on:

  • Credentials related to an Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
  • Credential requirements and potential gaps between Army training and civilian credentialing requirements
  • Resources available to fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing requirements

92 Series Certifications

Proponent Funded 92 Series - Quartermaster Banner

Certified Logistics Associate / Technician

| (92Y/A/Z, 920A/B)
Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC)

NPMA Certification – Five Levels

| (92F/L, 923A)
National Petroleum Management Agency (NPMA)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

| (92W)
Association of Boards of Certification (ABC)

Certified Senior Parachute Rigger

| (92R)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

ServSafe Certification

| (92G, 922A)
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF)

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