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The 244th Quartermaster Battalion

The 244th Quartermaster Battalion trains and provides support to five Advanced Individual Training companies: Alpha, Golf, Papa and Whiskey companies are composed of Soldiers training in the use of automated logistics systems, unit supply, and warehouse operations within the Logistics Training Department (LTD) - 92A and 92Y Soldiers.


The 244th QM BN trains and educates future logisticians for life on required skills, tasks, and resiliency, for warfighter and operational specialty skills; While embodying the Army Values, virtues of teamwork and Warrior Ethos.

History of the 244th Quartermaster Battalion

The 244th Quartermaster Battalion was constituted on 12 January 1942 as the 244th Quartermaster Service Battalion and formally activated at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, on 25 January 1942 in preparation for overseas duty. The 244th Quartermaster Service Battalion was organized around four Quartermaster service companies (3262, 3263, 3264, and the 3265).

During World War II, the 244th Quartermaster Service Battalion participated in three battle campaigns, Normandy, Northern France, and Central Europe. As a result of the battalion's outstanding combat service during World War II, it was awarded the European Theater Meritorious Unit Commendation streamer and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm and Streamer embroidered Normandy. The 244th Quartermaster Service Battalion was inactivated on 18 September 1946 in Germany, following World War II.

On 8 November 1961 the battalion was redesigned the 244th Quartermaster Battalion and reactivated at Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia. In 1962 the battalion was inactivated at Fort Gregg-Adams and was reactivated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on 24 June 1963. On 17 June,1965 the 244th Quartermaster Battalion was deactivated and two direct support Quartermaster companies (the 624th and 625th Quartermaster Companies) were formed.

On 12 February 1987 the 244th Quartermaster Battalion was again activated at Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia, to join the 23d Quartermaster Brigade under the Regimental System. The 244th Quartermaster Battalion assumed the former composite/training mission of the 4th Battalion, Quartermaster Brigade, upon the 4th Battalion's deactivation. The battalion was comprised of 7 companies to include QMC, HHC, A, D (NCOA), G, W, and the 392nd Army Band.

The battalion underwent several realignments from October 1989 to present. Today the 244th Quartermaster Battalion, also known as the "Guardian Battalion", is a robust organization that is accountable for the physical, technical and tactical training of several thousand Soldiers annually. Soldiers are thoroughly trained and their skills are broadened to ensure that every Soldier that receives an MOS qualification from the Quartermaster School (QMS) is an asset to their gaining unit. In order to successfully complete this mission, the battalion is comprised of four companies and a Department that directly oversees the care and training for the Soldiers as well as processing all administrative actions. The companies are made up of Cadre dedicated to training one or more of the following Military Occupational Specialties (MOS): Alpha and Golf Company (92A Logistics Automated Specialist) and Papa and Whiskey Company (92Y Unit Supply Specialist). The battalion co-exists with the Logistics Training Department.

Organizational Chart with Contacts

244th Organization Chart with Contacts
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