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Aerial Delivery and Materiel Officer

Course Scope:

Airdrop Planning, leadership, supervision, and management skills required for inspecting, packing, rigging, recovering, storing, and maintaining air item equipment.

Special Instructions:

All Officers must be a graduate of the Basic Airborne Course and QM Basic Officer Logistics Course (BOLC).

Students must bring their DD Form 93/SGLI, Orders, Basic Airborne Course Certificate and DA FORM 1307 (Individual Jump Records). If a student has a serviceable Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) they may bring it or one will be issued during the Airborne Operation.

Sending organizations will ensure that students have a confirmed "R" reservation training seat in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) before funding is committed for TDY travel. Those in a "W" reservation status do not have a confirmed training seat and may not commence travel unless the ATRRS "W" converts to an "R". It is imperative that training managers at all levels monitor ATRRS to ensure confirmed reservations are cancelled, if appropriate, to allow those in a wait status to acquire a confirmed training seat reservation.

Reporting Instructions :
During severe weather please call the Fort Lee Hotline for weather updates or Post closures: 804-765-2679 or DSN 539-2679.

All officers must report to the Auditorium (Room 104) at 0830hrs in Bldg 6025, 710 Adams Avenue, Fort Lee, VA 23801. If the report date is on the weekend, the student will report on the first working day of the week.

Any questions on the course should be directed to the Instructional Division at (804) 734-4794/4724, DSN: 687-

TDY students should contact FT Lee Lodging at 1-800-403-8533 or the Army Lodging Success Central Reservation Center at 1-866-363-5771 to secure lodging. Each student's command is responsible for funding the cost of lodging and meals. Additional information for Ft Lee Lodging can be found on the Ft Lee homepage under Public Affairs (www.lee.army.mil/pao/family.htm).

Government transportation is not available either on or off base.

Uniform Requirements:
Personnel will wear the ACU/Utility Uniform or Flight Suits (if authorized). All personnel will wear uniform IAW Service Directives.

ADMOC Course Dates

FY22 Course Dates


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