Previous Quartermaster Commandants

Major General Henry Gibbins
30th Quartermaster School Commandant
April 1936 - March 1940

30th Quartermaster Commandant - MG Henry Gibbins

General Gibbins was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on May 20, 1877. His first connection with the Army came in May 1898, when he joined the Third Tennessee Infantry, U. S. Volunteers, and served with it, as First Lieutenant, until January 31, 1899. His next service was as Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant with the Thirty-First Infantry, U. S. Volunteers, from July 15, 1899, to June 18, 1901. On September 18, 1901, General Gibbins accepted an appointment in the Regular Army as Second Lieutenant in the Tenth Cavalry. From November, 1901, to June, 1902, he served with the Tenth Cavalry in Cuba and Nebraska. For the succeeding seven years, until September, he served with the Ninth Cavalry in Washington, Kansas, the Philippine Islands and Wyoming.

In September, 1909, General Gibbins entered the Mounted Service School and graduated the following August. For more than two years, from September, 1910, to December, 1912, he was on the faculty of the University of Tennessee as Professor of Military Science and Tactics. His next service was with the Ninth Cavalry in Arizona from January, 1913, to June, 1915. From July, 1915, to April, 1916, he attended the Army School of the Line.

Upon graduation, Gibbins joined the Seventh Cavalry Regiment, to which he had been transferred on November 15,1915, and served with it during the Punitive Expedition in Mexico. He returned to the United States in January, 1917, and was assigned to duty as Adjutant at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. In December of the same year he was sent to Newport News, Virginia, to command the Animal Embarkation Depot until October, 1918.

In October, 1918, he served with the Remount Division, Purchase, Storage and Traffic. General Staff Corps. This assignment lasted until March, 1919, when he was ordered to Keogh Quartermaster Intermediate Depot (former Remount Depot) as Commanding Officer. In November, 1922, he was recalled to Washington as Executive Officer of the Army War College, which position he filled until August, 1925.

From October 10, 1925 to June 2, 1927, General Gibbins served as Post Quartermaster, Presidio of Monterey, California. From there he was sent to Hawaii, where he served as Quartermaster, Hawaiian Department, until October, 1927; then as Assistant to the Department Quartermaster to August, 1929, and as Quartermaster Supply Officer, Hawaiian General Depot, to June, 1930.

From September 1930 to September 1934, General Gibbins was assigned to duty as Executive Officer, Office of The Quartermaster General, He then served with the Organized Reserves of the Ninth Corps Area.

On April 1, 1936, Gibbins became Quartermaster General. For more than a year prior he has served as Chief of the Transportation Division.

Major General Gibbins died on April 8, 1941 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 2 East, Site E-134.

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