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BDFA Values for the upcoming Month are normally posted to this webpage one to two days prior to the end of the current Month. The upcoming values are normally available to view no later than the last day of each preceding Month. If you are not seeing the target month, you may need to refresh your browser.

Values NOT posted for viewing by the first of the Month are due to either a delay in the approval of the new values, or due to Web Server problems during publishing. Your patience is appreciated, however emails to JCCoE by the third day are warranted.

You may obtain the BDFA Values by calling: DSN 687-3071, 804-734-3071, or

JCCoE Email: usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.qm-jccoe-web-mgr@army.mil


BDFA Values for FY 2023

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BDFA Values for FY 2022

Last updated on: January 30, 2023