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These Publications, Utilities, and Programs are provided as a reference for Dining Facility Managers and Food Advisory Personnel to effectively manage or upervise Dining Facilities. Links on this page will open a publication, open a utility, or run a utility program.

Armed Forces Recipe Service-V2003
Instructions on how to run the Recipe Service after Downloading: Extract files to your hard drive or to a location of your choosing. After all files have been extracted, select Start > Run - type in "the letter of your hard drive", or "location where files were extracted":\recipes\cover.pdf (example, C:\recipes\cover.pdf). Select OK. Or, open my computer, open the recipe folder and double click on the cover.pdf file.

View Recipe Service | New Armed Forces Recipes | Download Recipe Service


AFMIS Home Page Software Development Lee (SEC-LEE) AFMIS Information
AFMIS Home Page / AFMIS Web Support Page

Defense Logistics Agency-Troop Support(Formerly Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), PA, United States):

US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center


Image of Tool Central Logo
Tool Central contains over 400 military specific software tools of all types. Over 240 Military Excel spreadsheets alone! The sixth most popular group Army wide on AKO with over 340,000 downloads to date!
Tool Central |
Image of Operation Logistics Planner screen.
Operation Logistics Planner estimates the logistics required to support an operation.
| Operational Logistics Planner (OPLOG) Version 7.0 |
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The Tool Developer Users Group is the parent group on AKO for Tool Central, PowerPoint Central and SOP Central and also helps soldiers to develop software tools of all types.
The Tool Developer Users Group |









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