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Armorer Certification



  1. The QMS, Logistics Training Department (LTD), 92Y Unit Supply Specialist Division, Unit Armorer Certification is provided to individuals/units through official tasking requests that are sent to the QMS Operations Section for certification of personnel designated as Unit Armorers who have not attended the Unit Supply Specialist 92Y MOS resident course of instruction at Fort Lee. Selected individuals may attend resident training at Fort Lee or when available by Mobile Training Team Support.

  2. Description/Scope of course: Procedures used to store, issue and maintain or establish accountability of individual and organizational small arms, sensitive items and personally owned firearms including maintaining security and administration of a unit arms room, unit maintenance of small arms and physical security for small arms and sensitive items of equipment. This training is to certify MOS immaterial DOD enlisted personnel US Government civilian personnel and contractors who are designated to become Unit Armorers.

  3. Prerequisites: DOD enlisted personnel or any US Government civilian personnel designated to become unit Armorers. Possess a physical demands rating of heavy and have normal color vision.

  4. Cost of the training: Requesting unit will bear all the costs associated with
    the TDY of the Instructors and training materials to the training location (MTT) or individual student to Fort Lee, VA.

  5. Standards for successful completion of the training: Students must attain a minimum score of 80 percent on all written examinations and 100% on all GO/NO GO Examinations which will culminate in the award of a diploma as a Certified Unit Armorer.
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