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Contact JMAC

Contact JMAC for all Current Mortuary Affairs Operations, Training Development, Equipment and Initiative inquiries.


Joint Mortuary Affairs Center (JMAC)
1840 Quartermaster Road
Bldg, 7143
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Email: usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.lee-qm-jmac-web@mail.mil


Comm. (804) 734-3831
DSN: 687-3831
FAX: 687-4758 (DSN)

Executive Officer:

Comm. (804) 734-3831
DSN: 687-3831

Sergeant Major:

Comm. (804) 734-4673
DSN: 687-4673

Director: Training & Development:

(804) 734-3674
DSN: 687-3674


The attached word document (see link below) provides family members of veterans with agencies/resources available that can assist in providing information related to: past conflicts, research of case files, request for military service records, veteran’s benefits, burials, memorials, monuments and commemoration, identification procedures for past conflicts as well as National Cemeteries.

Information_for_Veteran_Familiy_Members (Click Here)

Additional assistance and related organizational links for services and information may be provided at the individual agency websites.


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