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Marines at the MAC

The Marine Corps works hand in hand with the Army, the executive agent for the the Joint Mortuary Affairs Program by maintaining a staff at the US Army Mortuary Affairs Center, Fort Lee, Virginia. This ensures the needs and concerns of Marines are addressed in the development of doctrine, procedures, training materials and policies for mortuary affairs tasks. Courses offered by the Center are available for all Marines, enlisted and officer, who require an understanding of Mortuary Affairs policies and techniques. Contact the POCs below to enroll or for more information.

Courses for Marines at the MAC:

Mortuary Affairs Officers Course 4V

Joint Mortuary Affairs Senior NCO Course

(TQM) A14L2Z1

Mortuary Affairs Specialist - (TQM) A14M2B1


Enrollments for any Marines interested in attending the courses:

Point of contact for PAC West of Mississippi - 1-800-445-1708 Ext 1441.

Point of contact for LANT East of Mississippi is - DSN 751-8989.


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