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Enlisted Personnel Development


Execute the eight personnel proponent Life Cycle Functions that encompasses professional career development from accession through separation. Serve as the principle advisor to the Quartermaster General for Officer Personnel Force Structure and professional development programs and policies. Manage the Quartermaster Enlisted Standards of Grade Criteria. Manage the Training With Industry (TWI) Program, as well as, provide proponent input to change/update Department of the Army Regulations and Pamphlets.


Manages Quartermaster Enlisted programs and policies in coordination with Army Personnel Proponent activities at Headquarters Department of the Army G-1, Army Human Resources Command, Training and Doctrine Command, and all branches of the Army.

Routine Personnel Development Functions Include:

  • Manage the Enlisted Training With Industry Program
  • Review QM Enlisted position coding
  • Provide input to DA Regulations and Pamphlet updates
  • Review/manage QM skill identifiers
  • Review/recommend Critical Task Lists
  • Write/revise Professional Development Guidance
  • Update and maintain Enlisted “Standards of Grade” criteria

CMF 92 Talent Development Models
DA PAM 600-25 NCO Evaluation Board Supplement

How to access PDM's on ATN

Army Career Tracker

The ACT portal puts all your personalized developmental data at your fingertips.

Points of Contact

The Enlisted Personnel Development Office is the office for all Quartermaster Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and your Career Management Office. A portion of career management includes disseminating information to you, the Soldier. This office is responsible for the eight personnel life cycle management functions; from acquisition to separation. As such, this office takes the lead in defining developmental needs, refining requirements in the field, and providing assistance to improve all aspects of the Army's Personnel Management System. This office also provides career progression advice to all Quartermaster Soldiers.

    Enlisted Personnel Development Email

  • Chief, Enlisted Personnel Developer

  • COMM: (804) 734-4186
  • DSN: 687-4186
  • Fax: 687-3691
  • 92A/92M Manager

  • COMM: (804) 765-7553
  • DSN: 687-7553
  • Fax: 687-3691
  • 92F/L/W Manager

  • COMM: (804) 734-4333
  • DSN: 687-4333
  • Fax: 687-3691
  • 92G/92S Manager

  • COMM: (804) 734-5511
  • DSN: 687-5511
  • Fax: 687-3691
  • 92Y/92R Manager

  • COMM: (804) 734-3424
  • DSN: 687-3424
  • Fax: 687-3691

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