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Quartermaster Warrant Officer MOS's


Property Accounting Technician
Supply Systems Technician
Airdrop Systems Technician
Food Service Technician
Petroleum Systems Technician

Property Accounting Technician (MOS 920A):

Rank Standard Duty Title
W01 / CW2 Property Accounting Technician
CW3 / CW4 Senior Property Accounting Technician
CW5 Command Property Accounting Technician


The Property Accounting Technicians serve as the property accounting technician in both operational and generating force units. Ensure 100 percent property accountability is maintained, all authorized equipment is on hand, on valid requisition, or redistribution order. Locate and acquire standard and non-standard equipment and supplies through military and non-military supply sources to meet unit readiness and operational requirements. Oversee/validate the small purchase program to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. Determine equipment funding requirements and coordinates for funds availability with supported units and resource management activities. Develop, execute, monitor, and provide input to the annual supply budget. Coordinate acquisition and priority distribution of new equipment fielding with the Force Modernization Activity. Redistribute excess equipment throughout the command. Process excess equipment for disposal after all redistribution efforts are met. Monitor unit and/or Government contractor supply operations to ensure compliance with policy and/or contractual requirements. Administer the Command Supply Discipline Program. Train, develop, and mentor supply and non-supply personnel on supply policies, processes, and procedures. The property accounting technician is the primary advisor to the command and supported units on all property accountability and organizational level supply matters.

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Supply Systems Technician
(MOS 920B):

Rank Standard Duty Title
W01 / CW2 Supply Systems Technician
CW3 / CW4 Senior Supply Systems Technician
CW5 Senior Logistics Systems Technician
Command Supply Systems Technician


The Supply Systems Technicians instruct, manage, and supervise personnel within a Supply Support Activity concerning supply systems policy and functional procedures. Responsible for managing the receipt, storage, and issuance of supplies and equipment at the technical supply or Direct Support Unit level in accordance with established policies and regulations. Plan requirements for stockage and control based on accumulation of demand data. Control management of operational float stocks to ensure compliance with Army policy. Inspect supported units to ensure supply performance standards are being achieved. Provide technical guidance to personnel of supported units/activities in order to assist, establish, and maintain adequate stockage levels for mission accomplishment. Conduct periodic inventories of stockage supply items, initiates action for disposition of excesses, and makes recommendations for changes to the Authorized Stockage List. Develop standard operating procedures and performs administrative duties related to the supply activity.

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Airdrop Systems Technician (MOS 921A):

Rank Standard Duty Title
W01 / CW2 Airdrop Systems Technician
CW3 / CW4 Senior Airdrop Systems Technician
CW5 Command Airdrop Systems Technician


Serve as a leader, planner, manager, trainer, technician, subject matter expert and advisor within the command. Advise and work directly with staff and senior leadership at all echelons on integrated aerial delivery logistics for multi-domain operations in support of large area scale combat operations, special operations and humanitarian operations including interoperability within a joint operational environment and with allied nations. Advise and work directly with staff and senior leadership at all echelons by identifying limitations and capabilities of the commands aerial delivery assets by making recommendations for improvements on all aspects of aerial delivery activities to include procedures, training, doctrine and force structure to enhance training exercises and aerial delivery combat support activity. Advise and work directly with staff and senior leadership at all echelons on command inspection programs for aerial delivery standardizations and compliance within the full range of aerial delivery to include military personnel parachute programs and operations. Ensure compliance with all doctrinal guidance within aerial delivery support activities and provides subject matter expertise on aerial delivery force structure, doctrine, and policies by reviewing and making recommendations to these publications. Serve as a career military parachutist regardless of the pay grade ensuring relevancy of expert advice. Serve as a subject matter experts during combat readiness center boards and AR 15-6 investigations of personnel parachute fatalities and airdrop mishaps. Promote better understanding of aerial delivery operations and provide subject matter expertise for the practical application of new science and technology initiatives and during test and development of aerial delivery methods and equipment.

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Food Service Technician (MOS 922A):

Rank Standard Duty Title
W01 / CW2 Food Advisor
CW3 / CW4 Senior Food Advisor
CW5 Command Food Advisor


Food Service Technicians coordinate and supervise the Food Service Program for installations, commands, or organizations to include dissemination of information; managing personnel; determining technical training requirements; developing and conducting training for officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel; and developing management plans for food service. Develop, coordinate, and monitor budget requirements for food service equipment and expendable supplies for both garrison and field requirements. Plan, train, and implement changes in nutritional awareness programs, modification of menus, and implementation of low calorie menus. Coordinate with Troop Issue Subsistence Activities and Class I points to ensure availability of appropriate subsistence for both garrison and field feeding operations to ensure adequate timely re-supply, and to ensure reconfiguration of non-unitized field rations into nutritionally acceptable menus. Evaluate field feeding requirements and develops milestone plans to support major field exercises. Review and monitors requisitions for Class I, III, and IX supplies to support food service operations, and coordinate all planning for food service support for field training. Train and oversee Class I supply distribution operations and ration break personnel in the acquisition, receipt, storage, shipment, and accountability for subsistence, water, ice, religious operational rations, and health and comfort packs. Evaluate garrison and field feeding operations to ensure food service personnel are complying with food service regulation relative to food preparation, service, accountability, and sanitation. As a Contracting Officer Representative and/or the Contracting Officer Technical Representative, inspect full food service contract dining facilities to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the contract.

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Petroleum Systems Technician (MOS 923A):

Rank Standard Duty Title
W01 / CW2 Petroleum Systems Technician
CW3 / CW4 Senior Petroleum Systems Technician


Petroleum System Technicians serve in staff positions requiring petroleum experience. They determine requirements for bulk fuel and packaged petroleum products, storage space and fuel/water systems. Monitor quality surveillance procedures for petroleum or water. Develop, supervise and coordinate unit procedures and programs on environmentally sound handling of petroleum products and water chemicals. Direct the preparation of accounting reports and maintenance records for petroleum distribution operations. Monitor and advise the following operations; units engaged in petroleum operations; the acquisition, storage, inspection, testing, issue and distribution of petroleum products and/or water; unit spill containment and clean-up operations; and disposal procedures for waste produced by unit petroleum and water operations, petroleum operations and user maintenance of pipelines, hose-lines, terminals, dispensing systems, petroleum laboratory testing procedures, loading and discharge of ocean-going tankers and other petroleum vessels, water production, storage and distribution equipment, the operation and maintenance of water production, storage and distribution equipment, performance of standard physical and chemical tests. Evaluate test results and recommend disposition of off-specification or captured petroleum products. Serve as the quality surveillance representative throughout the petroleum community. Recommend locations of petroleum pipeline routes, terminals, supply points, and depots; advises on bulk petroleum distribution system design. Ensure petroleum operations adhere to applicable environmental policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

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For detailed duty descriptions and professional development refer to DA Pam 600-3


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