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Refocusing for the 21st Century

The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps is the nation's oldest combat service support branch. Founded 16 June 1775, this year will mark our 242nd anniversary. What a great legacy we have! Since the early days of the American Revolution, Quartermasters have participated in every war, every major campaign, and in every theater of operations where U.S. Soldiers have been deployed; supporting victory by America's Army with required supplies and services. Thirty-three Medal of Honor recipients reflect our "Logistics Warrior" ethos. That is why our Logistics Warriors — Active and Reserve Component Soldiers and Civilians have been and will remain in demand. But we can't rest on our laurels. We are entering a new century which will provide the most significant period of change in our Armed Forces since World War II. As modern warfare increases in technological sophistication, speed, and complexity — so must our logistics systems change.

What Quartermasters do will not change; how we do it will. We will move from a supply-based system that relies on logistics mass, to a system which relies more heavily on information supremacy and distribution agility and exploits improvements in logistics velocity and automation. Enabling this new process will be information age technology, source data automation, real-time situational understanding, asset visibility, and many other technological breakthroughs. To remain relevant and be full partners in this Revolution in Military Logistics, Quartermasters must refocus themselves for this new environment and apply the same The purpose of this strategic plan is to start us on that journey. In conjunction with the TRADOC and CASCOM plans, it defines our vision, mission, and initial goals and objectives. It also establishes metrics to measure our progress. To make it successful, we need all Quartermasters working together. In the history of our Army, no major operation ever failed because Quartermasters failed to provide the right supplies, at the right time and place, in the right quantities. I am confident that this tradition will continue in the 21st Century. Join us in making our vision a reality.

Interim QM Commandant Col. James Zacchino Jr.

Quartermaster Commandant / School

The officer in charge of the branch for doctrine, training and professional development purposes is the Quartermaster Commandant, the interim Quartermaster Commandant is Col. James Zacchino Jr.. The Quartermaster Commandant does not have command authority over Quartermaster units. The Quartermaster Commandant commands the United States Army Quartermaster School. This school provides enlisted advanced individual training (AIT) and leader training for Quartermaster officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers.

This page was last updated on: May 21, 2024