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Welcome to Center for Service Support Learning Site Fort Lee (CSS LS FORT LEE), one of seven learning sites belonging to the Center for Service Support Newport, RI. Annually over 1,100 sailors arrive in Fort Lee for the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence for Culinary Specialist (CS) “A” School of the Joint Center for Air Transportation Specialist Training to attend HAZMAT/TRANSPORTATION Courses.

To facilitate you and your family’s smooth transition to our command, please contact the Duty Instructor at (804)765-2977, Sponsor email usarmy.lee.qm-schl.mbx.csa-school-sponsor@mail.mil, For afterhours at (401)585-5144.

Hazmat/Transportation Course

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Enlisted Aide

Enlisted Aide Program - Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCoE)

Advanced Culinary Course

Advanced Culinary Skills Training Course


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Culinary Specialist Student Center - Navy Knowledge Online (NKO)

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Last updated on: November 24, 2020