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Army Enlisted Aide Program

Enlisted Aide Selection Panel Information

  • All prerequisite data and duties for Enlisted Aides are outlined in AR 614-200, Chapter 8, Section II, paragraph 8-11 and DoDI 1315.09.
  • The Selection Panel will utilize the IPPS-A PAR. See instructions on submitting a PAR attached in EA Example Packet.
  • We are looking for highly motivated, self-starter NCOs across all MOS’s in the ranks of SGT (P) - MSG that want to set themselves apart from the Force and broaden their Military experience.

How to Apply

  • Resume
  • STP
  • Last five copies of NCOERs
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of recommendation from Company Commander
  • Letter of recommendation from Food Service MSG/SGM (preferred) and/or Food Service Warrant
  • DA Form 705
  • DA5500/01 (if needed)
  • IPSSA PAR (See attached instructions)
  • EA Volunteer Statement

Please note:

  • Member cannot have pending assignment or retraining action in IPPSA
  • Current security clearance (minimum SECRET)
  • Attach all documents in the Page Thumbnails for easier viewing
  • Documents with digital signatures frequently convert and exclude signature. Ensure it is present; add document to attachments if signature removes

Program Benefits

  • Security Clearance (Secret-Top Secret SCI)
  • Additional Skill Identifier (ASI Z5)
  • Civilian Clothing Allowance
  • Special Duty Location
  • Promotion
  • Professional Growth
  • Networking
  • Education/Certification

Points of Contact

    Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCOE)
    Army Senior Enlisted Aide Advisor Office:

  • COMM: (520) 669-9274
  • Email:
  • Human Resources Command (HRC)
    Enlisted Aide Program Assignment Manager

  • COMM: (502) 613-5882, Option 4
  • Armed Forces EA Program Managers

  • Army: (804) 924-6576
  • Navy: (901) 874-387
  • Marine: (202) 433-2523
  • Air Force: (703) 692-4520

Enlisted Aide Resources

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