Food Service Management Course-(FSM)

   Joint Culinary Training Directorate (JCTD)

Scope: Provide senior food service leaders with the technical knowledge, management skills, critical thinking, and the decision making process to effectively understand and meet the Army's food service objectives. Facilitation of all subjects uses the blended learner centric approach that includes hands on, research, group discussion, and individual practical exercises. Areas of emphasis include garrison food service management operations, accounting, Army Field Feeding System (AFFS)/Theater of Operations (TOPNS), Army Food Management Information system (AFMIS), ServSafe, and food service contract management.

Prerequisites: Active Army, Reserve Component, and foreign military; commissioned officers 2LT through MAJ serving as a Food Service Officer or SPO; Warrant Officers with MOS 922A; Enlisted, SFC with two years time in grade and above, with MOS 92G40/50 and 68M40/50 and completed SLC; and civilian personnel, with series 1667 or 0301 GS 9-13 food program manager or dining facility manager or wage grade or equivalent and higher, who are assigned as a food advisor or to a position which requires the skills and knowledge of a food advisor. Non-Army must meet equivalent qualifications of Army personnel in appropriate categories. Government contract personnel and other DoD military food service personnel may also attend.

Point of Contact: 804-765-7754


Last updated on: August 26, 2019