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Joint Culinary Training Center (JCTC)

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About JCTC

The Joint Culinary Training Center (JCTC) serves as the principal advisor to the Director, JCCoE; the QMS Commandant; and DA DCSLOG on all issues involving entry level and advanced food service training. The JCTC is responsible for the development, management and oversight of Army and Joint Services basic and advanced food service training provided for all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States. Train Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, DOD civilians, and members of other allied countries in basic and advanced food operations skills, subsistence and food service equipment operations for garrison and field training.

The JCTC conducts initial entry training (IET) for the Army's military occupational specialties (MOSs) Culinary Specialists (MOS 92G), and consolidated training for USMC Food Service Specialist (MOS 3381) and USN Culinary Specialist (MOS 0013). The JCTD is also the Army's trainer for functional and Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) producing programs including: Advanced Culinary Training Course, the Enlisted Aide Training Course, and the Food Service Management Course.

The JCTC develops and executes resident and nonresident training in field and garrison food service for the Total Army. The JCTC provides all logistical and consolidated training development functions to support Marine Corps and Navy Food Service Training under Interservice Training Review Organization, and manages the development of new training methodology, to include distance learning, TNET capability, and commander networking.

Structure of JCTC

The JCTC consists of three divisions responsible for Initial Military Training/Advanced Individual Training (IMT/AIT), advanced food service, and internal/external special skills training.

Basic Food Service Training Division

  • Develops Entry Level Training
  • Conducts all Entry Level Training (USA) and consolidated training (USMC/USN)

Advanced Food Service Training Division

  • Develops Advanced Level Training
  • Conducts Advanced Culinary Training (USA, USMC, USN, USAF, USCG)
  • Conducts Enlisted Aide Training (USA, USN)

Special Skills Training Division

  • Develops Special Skills Training
  • Conducts Nutrition, Food Safety, Sanitation, and Dietary Training
  • Conducts Food Service Training for NCOES, WOES, OES, and Functional Courses
  • Conducts Food Service Training in support of RC Courses

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