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Enlisted Aide Training Course

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Enlisted Aide Training Course

This course is designed for enlisted personnel from all branches of service who have met all requirements and have been identified as Enlisted Aides. It provides personnel with in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals of household management to enhance their management skills through formal, lecture, and hands-on instruction. Students attending the course are encouraged to pass on the knowledge gained to their peers and subordinates. Ultimately, the course objectives will improve the quality of service available to all General Officers and Flag Officers of the United States Military.

This is an ITRO course. Course length is based on a 5-day, 40 hour academic week.

Course Description

The Enlisted Aide Training Course consists of the general policy governing Enlisted Aide duties and responsibilities to include: Developing a continuity book, household management, military customs and traditions, interpersonal skills, uniform maintenance and assembly, accounting and financial administration, formal table setting and service, basic bartending, planning, preparing and presentation of a 4 course gourmet menu, protocol procedures for official entertaining, schedules and time management, safety and security of the quarters, anti-terrorism and OPSEC for all branches of the armed forces.

DOD Instruction 1315.09

Utilization of Enlisted Aides on Personal Staffs of General Officers/Flag Officers.

Duties of an Enlisted Aide

The duties of an Enlisted Aide vary since their requirements are tailored to the needs of each General Officers/Flag Officers; however, most Enlisted Aides perform the following types of duties:

  • Maintaining the General Officers/Flag Officers uniforms.
  • The planning and execution of official, military social events.
  • Daily meal preparation, to include menu development, shopping and storage of rations.
  • Administrative requirements and record keeping of finances.
  • Household Management to include the upkeep and preservation of the assigned quarters.
  • Accomplish tasks that aid the officer in the performance of his or her military and official responsibilities.

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