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Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation Enhanced Course

(U) Unit Level Logistics System – Aviation (Enhanced) (ULLS-AE) Additional Skill Identifier Course begins (U): The Quartermaster School’s, Logistics Training Department, 92A Training Division offers a new ULLS-AE Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) course to fill a training gap between those Soldiers who train as a 92A and then get placed in a 92A Aviation position. The Students who complete the course will be awarded an ASI of C-7. This course will focus on aviation specific tasks (tech supply and production control) that a 92A Soldiers must know and understand to be proficient in their aviation unit assignment. Upon completion of the course, graduates will have a comprehensive knowledge of and skill sets required to perform all duties associated with their aviation duty assignment. Target audience: E1-E5 qualified in MOS 92A with an actual or anticipated assignment within an aviation unit; and is open to DA Civilians, select contractor personnel, and also to personnel of other MOSs who have direct supervision of the MOS 92A personnel operating ULLS-A (E). The course number as listed in ATRRS is 551-ASIC7 and is 1 week and 4 days long. For mor information please call: (804) 734-3477 (DSN687-3477)


Unless selected by HRC, personnel interested in attending a Functional or Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) Course should contact their Installation Quota Manager for procedures to follow in obtaining a school quota. If you do not know your quota manager, contact HQ TRADOC: Commercial (757) 788-2053 or DSN 680-2053.

The Quartermaster School Code is 101 for all courses.

Functional and Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) Course classrooms are located in the Logistics Training Department, Building 4225, A Avenue (A Avenue & 19th Street), Fort Gregg-Adams, VA. Respective functional and ASI Courses will begin on Monday morning at 0730 hours.


  1. Enlisted / NCO Students scheduled to attend a Functional course will be assigned to A Company / 244th QM BN (Telephone (804) 734-6487). During weekend and non-duty hours, student will report to and must sign in with CQ for accountability purposes.

    • After signing into the company, you are required to report to Fort Gregg-Adams Lodging on your authorized arrival date if you are in a TDY status. You will report to Lodging/Billeting receptionist office for lodging arrangement. Fort Gregg-Adams Lodging is located on Mahone Avenue, Bldg 2301, phone number (804) 733-4100.

  2. OFFICERS sign in on the scheduled Report Date prior to the start date of scheduled class. Contact USAQMS SDO at telephone number (804) 734-5647, after duty hours and on weekends.

    • After signing in to the company, you will report to the Fort Gregg-Adams Lodging/Billeting Office, Bldg 2301, Telephone (804) 733-4100, located at Mahone Avenue for lodging arrangements. You can contact the lodging prior to your arrival for room availability.

  3. CIVILIAN: Report to the Fort Gregg-Adams Lodging/Billeting Office, Bldg 2301, Telephone (804) 733-4100, located at Mahone Avenue and Army Road. Arrangement will be made at the receptionist office for lodging. If on-post quarters are not available, Lodging will contact Central Reservations and arrangement will be made for off-post housing


  1. Duty uniform for military personnel is ACU/OCP. The ASU uniform is also worn for graduation. Military personnel must also bring their complete issue of PT clothing.

  2. Civilian Professional Attire: Civilians are expected to dress appropriately for classroom training. Men: Business Casual--Slacks/Sport Shirt--Tie Not Required. Women: Business Casual--Skirt/Slacks/Blouse.


Soldiers may contact the Functional Division OPS at (804) 734-4439, located in BLDG 4225, Room 113W, for questions that may arises.


    • Monday morning (1st Day): Report to Bldg 4225, Rm 306 at 0730 with 10 copies of orders. After accountability is taken, the students will be taken to the Soldier One-Stop for in-processing.

    • Normal duty day: After the 1st day, a normal duty day will start at 0800.

  2. OFFICERS: For information concerning reporting or in-processing, contact the Division Chief at (804) 734-3477 during duty hours (0730-1630 Mon-Fri).

  3. CIVILIANS: Attendees are required to bring their respective DD Form 1556 and report to Academic Records Branch for in-processing prior to 1130 hours on the class Start Day (Monday). Commercial telephone number is (804) 734-4239 or DSN 687-4239.

This page was last updated on: November 20, 2020