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2016 Reg Honors Inductees

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The Regimental Honors Program was created to recognize outstanding individuals and units (both past and present) who have helped fulfill the Corps’ mission in very special ways, or who have brought known credit to the Regiment over the course of its long and proud history.

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QM Regimental Honors Publication 2016

Hall of Fame (HOF)

The Quartermaster Hall of Fame (HOF) award is the highest form of recognition the Regiment offers. This much coveted award honors individuals who are judged to have made the most significant contributions to the overall history and traditions of the Quartermaster Corps. This year’s HOF inductees are:

Distinguished Member of The Regiment (DMOR)

The Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) award honors selected individuals who have made "distinguished contributions to the Quartermaster Corps," and who, by virtue of prestige, status and experience, will assist in fostering Regimental pride and esprit, heritage and tradition. This year’s DMOR inductees are:

  • BG Richard Staats
  • SES James Emahiser
  • COL James L. Brown
  • COL John C. Brookie
  • COL Jeffrey J. Britton
  • COL Jason A. Carrico
  • COL Peter J. Crandall
  • COL Michelle K. Donahue
  • COL John B. Hinson
  • COL Rodney H. Honeycutt
  • COL Dereck K. Jansen
  • COL Michael B. Lalor
  • COL Tracy L. Lanier
  • COL Dennis H. Levesque
  • COL Eric P. Shirley
  • COL Aaron M. Stanek
  • COL Clinton Clinedinst, Deceased
  • LTC(P) Jon P. Beale
  • LTC(P) Archie S. Herndon
  • LTC(P) Shawn C. Schuldt
  • LTC(P) Carmelia J. Scottskillern
  • LTC(P) James B. Swift
  • LTC(P) Gregory S. Townsend
  • LTC Renea Dorvall
  • CW5 Jose Alicea, Retired
  • CW5 Reggie Jacobs, Retired
  • CW5 Vernon Fisher, Retired
  • CW5 Michael Hanson, Retired
  • CW5 Lionel Cartwright, Retired
  • CW5 Mark Fed
  • CW5 Roy Melebeck
  • CW4(P) Christopher Carlson
  • CW4 Benjamin M. Edwards, Retired
  • CW4 Hillard Haynes, Retired
  • CW3 William F. Deringer, Retired
  • CSM Jill L. Crosby
  • CSM Jermaine F. Davison
  • CSM Rodney W. Macon
  • CSM Danang D. McKay
  • CSM Roberto Perez
  • CSM Bryon K. Starks
  • CSM Timothy d. Simpson
  • CSM Charles H. Williams
  • CSM Carlton Branch, Retired
  • SGM Ricky B. Gaines Sr.
  • SGM Delbert Hoskins
  • SGM Antonio C. Wilker, Retired
  • MSG Gwendolyn Beauford
  • MSG Jason Towns
  • Ms. Nancy B. Briggs
  • Ms. Nancy Bush
  • Mr. Hazel T. Hill

Distinguished Unit of The Regiment (DUOR)

The Distinguished Unit of the Regiment (DUOR) award was introduced in 1993 to recognize outstanding units, past and present, who have made a significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps. This years DUOR inductees are as follows:


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