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Personnel Development

Officer Personnel Development

The mission of the Officer Personnel Development Division is to manage the Army's active duty Quartermaster Corps officers within the framework of the eight personnel life cycle functions:

  • Structure
  • Transition
  • Sustainment
  • Compensation
  • Acquisition
  • Distribution
  • Developing
  • Deployment

The Officer Personnel Development Division in the Office of the Quartermaster General (OQMG) manages officer programs and policies for the Quartermaster General in conjunction with the U.S. Human Resources Command (HRC), the U.S. Army G-1, and the Major Army Commands (MACOMs).

Warrant Officer Personnel Development

The Mission of the Warrant Officer Personnel Development is to serve as a principle advisor to the Quartermaster General on all matters relating to Quartermaster Warrant Officers. Advise the Army leadership on all aspects of Quartermaster Warrant Officer development and life cycle management. Seeks out potential Warrant Officer Candidates to maintain the strength and quality of the CORPS. Execute the life cycle functions of personnel proponency, encompassing professional career development from accession through retirement.

Enlisted Personnel Development

The Quartermaster Corps Enlisted Personnel Development Office serves under the Office of the Quartermaster General (OQMG), Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia. Our mission includes the following: advise the QM General and the Regimental CSM; advise Soldiers on career progression and promotion opportunities; prepare enlisted promotion/selection board briefing packets; develop and control Standards of Grade; maintain/control MOS inventory; maintain special skills inventory; recommend enlisted separation policy; and maintain communication with Soldiers in the field.

This page was last updated on: June 14, 2023