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Enlisted Personnel Development Contacts


The Enlisted Personnel Development Office is the office for all Quartermaster Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and your Career Management Office. A portion of career management includes disseminating information to you, the Soldier. This office is responsible for the eight personnel life cycle management functions; from acquisition to separation. As such, this office takes the lead in defining developmental needs, refining requirements in the field, and providing assistance to improve all aspects of the Army's Personnel Management System. This office also provides career progression advice to all Quartermaster Soldiers.

Email for the Enlisted Personnel Development:

Chief, Enlisted Personnel Developer
COMM: (804) 734-4186
DSN: 687-4186
Fax: 687-3691

92A/92M Manager
COMM: (804) 765-7553
DSN: 687-7553
Fax: 687-3691

92F/L/W Manager
COMM: (804) 734-4333
DSN: 687-4333
Fax: 687-3691

92G/92S Manager
COMM: (804) 734-5511
DSN: 687-5511
Fax: 687-3691

92Y/92R Manager
COMM: (804) 734-3424
DSN: 687-3424
Fax: 687-3691


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