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Quartermaster STAR MOSs

By definition a STAR MOS is an MOS unable to meet the promotion requirement and is below its targeted strength set by the Army. The are currently no QM MOSs that fit this description.

For Promotion to SGT (STAR)

Promotion to SGT (STAR)


In an attempt the fix this problem Automatic Promotion List Integration (ALI) was initiated by Army G-1. Under this program those E4s that have 48 months in service, 12 months time in grade, eligible IAW AR 600-8-19 and have not been denied integration by their commander are automatically integrated onto the recommended list for promotion to SGT with a minimum of 350 promotions points. The Soldiers on the ALI list will only be promoted once all boarded Soldiers on the recommended list have been promoted and the MOS is below its targeted strength. Once promotions go into the ALI list, that MOS is added to the STAR MOS program. Soldiers on the ALI are ordered by date of rank (DOR) and then by basic active service date (BASD) so those with more time in grade will be promoted first. Currently this program only effects promotions to SGT.

Soldiers in a STAR MOS that are E4(P) should be given a high priority for WLC attendance due to increased promotion potential. This is our opportunity as leaders to mentor and prepare our eligible and deserving enlisted soldiers a chance to progress in their MOS. Last year, Quartermaster soldiers missed opportunities for promotion to Sergeant, simply because they had not appeared before a local promotion board. As Leaders, you have a responsibility here too. It is vital that you identify the Soldiers with potential to serve as NCOs. Find them, teach them, mentor them, and get them before a promotion board. NCOs are the backbone of our Army and we need your help to remove all QM MOSs from the STAR MOS list.

For Promotion to SGT (ALI)

Normally ALI promotions enable an MOSs to meet their promotion requirements and keep them off the STAR MOS list.


Promotion to SGT (ALI)


If you are a Specialist serving in the above MOS, this is good news for you. Simply put, in this MOS, the Army needs more Sergeants! If you are in the primary or secondary promotion zone and have not yet appeared before a promotion board, it’s time to step up to the plate and start working for the chance.



Promotion to SSG (STAR)


Talk to your NCO Support Channel. Let your first line supervisor know you want to go before the board. The Army and the Quartermaster Corps needs you to step up to the NCO ranks. Start preparing yourself for the board! If you think you are ready for the increased responsibility, let your Section Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant know. They will help you prepare both for the board and for assuming the duties of an NCO.

- Automatic Promotion List Integration -

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This page was last updated on: August 7, 2013