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Command - OQMG - Regimental Office - 2023 Inductees

2023 Quartermaster Corps
Hall of Fame Inductees

2023 Quartermaster Corps Hall of Fame Inductees The Quartermaster Corps Honors Program was created to recognize outstanding individuals and units (both past and present) who have helped fulfill the Corps' mission and have brought known credit to the Corps over the course of its long and proud history.

2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame

The Quartermaster Hall of Fame award is the highest form of recognition the Corps offers. This much coveted award honors individuals who are judged to have made the most significant contributions to the overall history and traditions of the Quartermaster Corps. This year's Hall of Fame inductees are:

  • BG (Ret) Kristin K. French
  • SES (Ret) Keith A. Maxie
  • COL (Ret) M.C. Stephen Cherry
  • COL (Ret) Christopher H. Colavita
  • COL (Ret) John E. Hall
  • COL (Ret) William P. Keyes
  • COL (Ret) Richard L. Menhart
  • CW5 (Ret) Cortez Frazier
  • CW5 (Ret) Milo N. Jones
  • CW5 (Ret) Joel L. Lockhart
  • CW5 (Ret) Judith Stephens
  • CW5 (Ret) Vickie Vachon
  • CW4 (Ret) Hope L. Bean
  • CW4 (Ret) Travis C. Hunter, Sr.
  • CSM (Ret) Stephen R. Ball
  • CSM (Ret) Alberto Delgado
  • CSM (Ret) Johnathan A. Fisher
  • CSM (Ret) Victor Garcia
  • CSM (Ret) Sean J. Rice
  • CSM (Ret) Tisa W. Scott
  • SGM (Ret) Tyrone Lockhart
  • Ms. Becky A. Joyner

Special Historical Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Warrant Officer Johnnie A. Jones, Sr.

Distinguished Members of The Corps

The Distinguished Member of the Corps award honors select individuals who have made "Distinguished Contributions to the Quartermaster Corps," and who, by virtue of prestige, status and experience, will assist in fostering pride and esprit, heritage and tradition. This year's distinguished inductees are:

  • MG Rodney C. Boyd
  • MG Stephanie A. Purgerson
  • MG Michelle M. Rose
  • MG Clinton E. Walker
  • MG Richard D. Wilson
  • BG Nicole M. Balliet
  • BG Andree G. Carter
  • BG Susie S. Kuilan
  • BG Jake S. Kwon
  • BG Justin W. Osberg
  • BG James F. Porter
  • BG Heather A. Reuter
  • BG Ryan J. Robinson
  • BG James P. Sanders
  • BG Isabel R. Smith
  • BG Blair E. Tinkham
  • BG Kendrick D. Traylor
  • BG Katherine A. Trombley
  • COL Katresha M. Bailey
  • COL Louisa R. Bargeron
  • COL Stacey E. Harring
  • COL Damien K. Krantz
  • COL Latrina D. Lee
  • COL Stephen Magner
  • COL Jason R. Mckenzie
  • COL Tracie L. McMillian
  • COL Donyeill A. Mozer
  • COL William J. Parker
  • COL Julian Perez
  • COL Heather M. Reilly
  • COL Alphonso Simmons
  • COL Paul W. Smith
  • COL Clayton A. Sutton
  • COL Delarius V. Tarlton
  • COL Demetria S. Walker
  • COL Anna L. Whittrock
  • CW5 Sandy Amadis
  • CW5 Sulaiman M. Bah
  • CW5 Thomas R. Black
  • CW5 John D. Bourdeaux
  • CW5 Marc T. Brackett
  • CW5 Dawn D. Broe
  • CW5 Alexander Brown
  • CW5 Steven L. Clayton
  • CW5 Richard A. Colburn
  • CW5 Raul Davila
  • CW5 Emily D. Davis
  • CW5 Donald T. Dexter
  • CW5 Thomas J. Gibson
  • CW5 Crystal M. Gonzalez
  • CW5 Halsey H. Hall
  • CW5 Darin R. Henningsen
  • CW5 Adam L. King
  • CW5 Donald A. King
  • CW5 Todd J. King
  • CW5 Emily J. Larson
  • CW5 Thomas L. Mann
  • CW5 Scott K. McLellan
  • CW5 Melvin J. Murphy
  • CW5 Texidor Princido
  • CW5 Ramon M. Reis
  • CW5 Wendy L. Robinson
  • CW5 Campbell Russell
  • CW5 Patrick L. Schlosser
  • CW5 Brian T. Searcy
  • CW5 Michael D. Seawright
  • CW5 Luis P. Silva
  • CW5 Anthony D. Smith
  • CW5 Kristie I. Smith
  • CW5 Darin S. Stewart
  • CW5 Joseph R. Stricker
  • CW5 David L. Ward
  • CW5 Laureen A. Williams
  • CW5 Patricia E. Zacher
  • CW4 Mary Barone
  • CW4 Ramsey Jeffery
  • CW4 Harold Whittington
  • CSM Adam R. Bezanson
  • CSM Armando Delarosa
  • CSM Chesa S. Freeman
  • CSM Toriano G. Jackson
  • CSM Max J. Jeanphilippe
  • CSM Denice M. Malave
  • CSM Clarence B. Raby
  • CSM Jason P. Towns
  • CSM Damarco B. Wyatt
  • SGM Gordon Dove
  • SGM Rodney Price
  • MSG Calvin Williams
  • Mr. Samuel Burns
  • Mrs. Martha Williams

Distinguished Unit of The Corps

The Distinguished Unit of the Corps award was introduced in 1993 to recognize outstanding units, past and present, that's made significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps.

  • No nominations were submitted for this year's Distinguished Units of The Corps.

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